Carpets, Upholstery, And the New Strain of Coronavirus

All people know that the coronavirus has been still spreading all around the world, with the knowledge provided by the media.

The new coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is spread and distributed by both direct and indirect contact with the person who has the virus. Indirect contact involves touching surfaces that the infected person has touched recently. The rate and time depend on the type of surface. You might be wondering, as what other people do, how long does the virus last on carpets and upholstery. This is one of the most common questions of homeowners. It is not as if you can easily douse your carpets and furniture at home with alcohol and sanitizer like what you do on your doorknobs, countertops, and other hard surfaces at home.

While it is recommended that you hire professional services like best carpet cleaning Gilbert AZ to have a skilled person clean your carpets and other upholstery, we will provide you some basic information about the subject matter.

How Long Does the Virus Last on Carpet and Upholstery?

The lifespan of the virus on a surface depends on several factors such as humidity, temperature, and the porosity of the surface. Old findings of the paper entitled Survival of the Influenza of A(HI1N) on Materials Found in Households: Implications for Infection Control, it was proven by Dr. Greatorex that the virus can stay longer on non-porous surfaces like metal and plastic compared to porous surfaces like wood and clothing, as well as your carpet and upholstery. However, this is an old finding and should never be used as a basis for diagnosis.

How Do We Keep the Surfaces Clean?

Especially when it is the flu season, it is important to always keep your surfaces clean by doing the following:

Always wash your hands using soap and water, if not, by sanitizing frequently

Always disinfect surfaces at your houses especially high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, countertops, light switches, walls, and your floor.

Schedule a professional cleaning service for your rugs, carpet, and upholstery because these materials are difficult to clean.

It is okay to use a vacuum in the cleaning surface, just make sure you use a HEPA filter in order to trap small particles that may be potential carriers of the coronavirus.

Why is it Important to Hire a Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service?

Since the coronavirus, cleaning, and sanitizing your house and surfaces are very important, to the extent that it has become a necessary routine that needs to be done. The problem is that different surfaces require different methods of cleaning as well as cleaning solutions and tools. While it is easy to clean hard surfaces, the same thing does not apply in cleaning materials and surfaces like furniture and carpet.

This is where hiring a professional service that has the tools, knowledge, and skills in cleaning these kinds of materials and surfaces become necessary. It is okay to disinfect with a professional service your carpet and upholstery once or twice a month. It is better to be sure than to be passive and prevent your family from obtaining the virus.