Planning Ahead: Road Trip Adventures

It has been months now since the new coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 started creating noises from the media and havoc in different countries. It also has affected all facets of human activities: work, studying, shopping, and more. Now, since it erupted, there are cities and places that start to reopen and encouraging the people in their range for some travel.

Besides the economic depression that mostly all countries experiences, mental stress and human depression are also on the on-set. There are many people who already have committed suicides or feeling depressed, at the least, because of the sudden changes in routine and way of life. People are forced to be isolated away from their loved ones; parents, siblings, spouses, and partners. One of the ways of healing from the damages that isolation has induced is to finally go on a trip.

To ensure your safety not just on the road but also from the coronavirus, we have prepared some tips for you to follow and do.

Do an inspection – one of the most crucial things to do is to check your vehicle for some damage and repair needed. Are your tires in good condition? Do you need auto glass replacement Gilbert AZ? How are the brakes? Do you need a professional technician for your engine? Do not go on a trip without checking all of the parts of your car. You would not want to ruin your vacation and have some negative vibes again because of some vehicle failure.

Do a plan – it is necessary to create a plan in order to arrive with a decision on how you would like your trip to be. Do you prefer highways or some scenic route? What do you want to bring with, foods, pets, or both? Whom do you want to spend your trip with? Where will you two be staying; hotel, vacation rentals, campsites, or a friend’s house? Creating a plan will make sure that everything will go on smoothly.

Pack up your things and people – plans and preparations rarely get real because people tend to cancel trips because of excuses and laziness. Once you already have things figured out, you need to pack necessary things like shoes, clothing, snacks, and start organizing them in your car. Sometimes you get to be idealistic on creating a plan that is not feasible to do with the resources you have. Packing things up will help you see if the plan is feasible. Also, it will remind you of the important things you have missed while you were creating the plan.

Map out – get ready not just when it comes to your materials and car. There is also a need to familiarize some good routes for you to enjoy the trip on the road. Mapping out also prevents some problems on the road by knowing what route to avoid and what road is good for a peaceful trip.

Now that you have prepared things out, it is not time for you to go and pursue that trip that you ever wanted. You need a break from this pandemic and you clearly deserve it.

Integrated Pest Management: How to Protect Your Plants from Insects

We know how gardening can be a little bit frustrating especially when you know you need to deal with different problems and issues including pests.

Before, the most effective way that people think about getting rid of the pests they have in their lawn is through using pesticides. However, it is a no-brainer that pesticides contain chemicals that can harm your plants and soil in the long run and even other animals that are not a threat to your gardens like pollinators, butterflies, and bees.

Gilbert landscaping can be a little bit frustrating give all these reasons. However, the new concept which is the Integrated pest management is not becoming popular for landscaping and gardening. Integrated pest management is a modern method of growing plants while keeping away the bugs and other critters that hinder the plants’ growth. This method is modern as well as sustainable and safer compared to using pesticides.

1. Ingredients from your kitchen – there are many kitchen ingredients you can use for eliminating pests and bugs. You can use onion, garlic, and hot pepper. These ingredients are effective in shooing away hornworms, caterpillars, beetles, and aphids. All you need to do is to mix together six cloves f garlic, minced onion, and dried hot pepper and put them into a gallon of hot water. You can also add some TSP soap. Let it rest for 24 hours before using a spray.

2. Use some plants that are good at shooing insects and pests – there are many plants that repel different critters. If used properly, these plants and herbs can be used to effectively protect all parts of your landscape or garden. Some of these herbs include:

  • Lavender – repels ticks
  • Rosemary – deters bean beetles, cabbage moths, and mosquitos
  • Marigolds – deters bean beetles, asparagus beetles, and nematodes
  • Basil – repels flies and mosquitoes
  • Rue – shoos away Japanese beetles and flies

If you want to know more about this method, it is advised that you call an arborist or professional help from companies and/or experts.

3.Common methods to prevent slug – Slugs are slow and soft, but they create huge damage to your garden or landscape. They really like on feeding on plants and leaves especially those that are on the phase of blooming. The following are the things you can do to deter slugs:

  • Do not put too much mulch on your plants
  • Rake your garden in the early spring to remove the eggs
  • Make a slug barrier by using copper tape and strips.

4. Methods on how to get rid of bigger pests – there are also bugger animals that can attack your plants and landscape such as rabbits, deer, and other four-legged animals. One of the most effective ways to keep them away is to put a fence on your landscape or garden.

If you really want to get rid of the pests and other critters as well as larger animals in your garden without doing all of those, you can hire a professional service to do all the necessary jobs and diagnosis of your garden. They have the skills, experience, and tools.